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  Teresa Falk  

David H.


​Mrs. Falk’s students attest to her ability as a teacher. The two concert quality Steinway pianos in Mrs. Falk’s studio facilitate a lot of interaction between student and teacher. Steinway is the “artist’s choice” for excellence. Mrs. Falk utilizes a mix of technique and performance pieces. Scales and Hanon are historic standards for technique. Piano teachers have been using this teaching approach for hundreds of years. It is tried and proven. Many of her students obtain full scholarships to Ivy League universities, based largely on the music skills she has given them. They also place well in local competitions. Mrs. Falk is never judgmental of my performance during lessons and can always find ways to calm my nervousness. Frequently she will play the left hand while I play the right hand. This helps me work on tempo and rhythm. I am sixty eight and feel that I am getting the very best training available.

John K.


Most reviewers of Falk Piano Studio are parents of elementary, middle, or high school students. Teri also teaches adults including surgeons who want to improve manual dexterity. As an adult, I am particularly impressed with Teri's enthusiasm for teaching piano, her very effective motivational methods, and the tools she brings to her trade. As you would expect of a Master Piano Teacher, she hears everything. She detects "shadowing" (hands not playing together), incorrect fingering (lapses of fluidity), and wrong notes (in a sea of others). For nine months now, I have taken lessons twice a month and practice 3 hours a day. Progress has been noticeable and enjoyable. When neighbors ask, I classify myself as an enthusiastic amateur. Some are not so sure; they are asking for curbside folding chairs to eavesdrop on practice sessions. In summary, Teri merits your serious consideration.

Paul D.


​One reason Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player is his mastery of the fundamentals of the game. As he often acknowledges, he acquired that mastery under the instruction of his great college coach, Dean Smith.
Mrs. Falk is the Dean Smith of piano. If you work hard under her instruction, she will teach you the fundamentals and you will begin to acquire a mastery of the piano. Mrs. Falk is Julliard trained – a superb performer and demanding teacher. Her methods are rigorous and based on a profound knowledge of all aspects of piano playing. And she knows exactly how to impart that knowledge with step-by-step assignments that produce undeniable progress. Mrs. Falk is demanding, but she is also loving. She wants all her students, from young children to mature adults, to enjoy learning and love practicing. But she knows that the greatest joy of piano playing comes when one has begun to master the fundamentals. If you’re skeptical, just ask Michael Jordan.

Claire D.


I started taking piano lessons under Mrs. Falk when I was four years old and have now been a student in Mrs. Falk's studio for 13 years. She is a phenomenal teacher who is truly passionate about piano and who works tirelessly to provide her students with the highest quality musical education. She always holds high expectations for her students and strives for excellence in everything she does. Over the years, she has shaped me into the pianist I am today; I have won many regional, state, and international competitions, and I could not have done it without her. I highly recommend Mrs. Falk--she is truly the best of the best!

Jennifer T.


Mrs. Falk has been my son’s piano teacher for nearly 4 years now. Mrs. Falk is so passionate about teaching piano. She loves each one of her students and pours herself into every lesson. Their level of playing, I believe, is a direct result of that passion for the music and love for her students. However, there is work involved! Mrs. Falk's expertise in her craft allows her to impart excellence in her students. There are expectations of dedicated practice and focus, but the rewards on her students’ efforts definitely pay off. Many of her students compete in local and non-local competitions and win in the highest award categories, not to mention obtaining large scholarships to colleges and universities all over the United States. There has not been a day that I regret my son joining Miss Teri’s studio. All of her students receive piano education that reaps excellence in music performance, with a foundation in theory and music history as well.

Weihong Z.


Mrs. Falk is a wonderful teacher! All three of of my kids took lessons with her, the oldest is currently in college. Our family has been taught by Mrs. Falk for 11+ years and counting! Her teaching methods not only help with technique and understanding the architecture of the music, she also tries to find music you will really connect with. In my experience, Mrs. Falk has always made sure to select pieces for my kids that are not only technically challenging but also fit their personalities., Playing in competitions and having a fun, learning, environment has really helped my kids come out of their shells to express themselves more and I have Mrs. Falk to thank for that. Not only does she teach the piano, she also teaches valuable life lessons, such as responsibility, artistry, and a deep appreciation for music.

Kevin H.


As a student with Mrs. Falk for several years, I have been able to see firsthand her dedication towards music, piano and her students. In addition to being a phenomenal teacher, she works tirelessly to provide the best opportunities for her students and helps them reach the highest standard of playing: under her tutelage, I've gone from banging noise to making music. I could not recommend her more.

Amy O.


We love Mrs. Falk! In the two years my daughters have studied with her, they have progressed in technique, musicality and theory. Her passion for music and teaching is evident. My daughters feel her genuine interest in them and their success not only in their piano abilities but in their personal lives. She is an ideal fit if you are at a intermediate level but wanting more.

Berna B.


Mrs. Falk is a wonderful teacher and an even more wonderful person. She gives a lot and expects a lot from her students. Her teaching is rigorous, but she has no problem motivating young kids as well as older ones. She truly enjoys music, piano and her students, and that reflects on her teaching every single day. The kids get a well-rounded education, including theory, she prepares then for Virginia State Theory test every year. Mrs. Falk delivers what she believes in with all her might. It is not just a piano lesson, it is a lesson for life, every time.

Tracey B.


Superior instruction! With her Juilliard education and professional performance experience, Mrs. Falk delivers top-notch lessons. She meets students at their own levels and brings out their distinct abilities that allow their playing to shine! Mrs. Falk nurtures her younger students in their musical and technical growth while providing counsel and support to her older students as they pursue higher learning. We drive an hour each way to receive this level of unparalleled teaching.

Nancy M

Virginia Beach, VA

About 15 or so years ago, my daughter, Sara, was a student of Ms. Falk from about age 6 - 8. She had already had 4 years of Suzuki violin, and basic piano intro, as I am a piano teacher. Myself a product of "Juilliard parents" in the NY area, I only wanted that calibre of a teacher for my daughter.... and that is what we got! Ms. Falk absolutely brought out the best in my daughter, and going to a Falk Recital always included hearing world-class quality older students. I was thrilled to have found such an amazing teacher, and one that clearly was adored by her students. If you want serious piano study for your child.... this is the teacher for you!

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