Sheet Music for Piano

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Dual Steinways    

Dual Steinways- My studio features two seven foot Steinway Pianos which are a great tool in my teaching methods and allow my students to practice duets most easily. Teacher is accomplished concert artist and usually demonstrates the same pieces as assigned to teach artistry, technique, and competition material. 

  Roland Sequencer   

Roland Sequencer- Plays digital disks at various tempos as students develop their level

  Music Theory    

Computer Assisted Theory - Students find the computer the best way to learn theory. Twelve levels of Virginia Music Teacher's Theory with ear training is taught to all students.  Biographies of composers are included and videos of famous pianists are studied.

  Performance Experience   

Performance Experience- Students have opportunity to perform in a multitude of recitals at local churches, malls and senior care centers. Dress rehearsals, coaching on proper performers etiquette. Traditional approach with a modern flair- Students are encouraged to work on scales and technical exercises. They are coached in methods to simplify and excite this effort.

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